Jagie's journey started when cameras were relatively novel - he invested in a couple and heavily documented the childhood of his offspring and the journey of his family. Most of Jagie's photographs of that era are perfectly framed, with great lighting and most importantly, they tell a special story of a moment that has now become a sweet memory. While using a handicam in the mid 1990s, it was discovered that he had an extremely stable arm for video. This little seed remained dormant for a few years until the birth of Lion Beats in 2005.

Jagie is now the manager, a photographer, a cinematographer, a lighting expert, an editor, and a person who fits into any situation.

The Lion Beats team has grown over the years to become one that is diverse, creative and impeccable in their craft. After more than a decade in the business, a key factor in our work is still our passion to achieve the best results for our clients.

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