Live Streaming

Live streaming is a great technology for family and friends who cannot make it to your wedding festivities but still what to somewhat be a part of it. We offer the services of setting up the live stream and broadcasting on reliable platforms with our high quality equipment that will make your virtual guests feel like they are right there! Projection is another service we can provide if you wish to give your guests a great view/closeup of the event's happenings and works very well for large wedding parties.

As a company that started off decades ago as a recording studio offering sound engineering and hire, we can assure you that we take sound pretty seriously. Our sound equipment is world class and our technical operators and crew are passionate about delivering reliable and quality sound that will amplify your celebrations even more!

We partner with experienced and talented disk jockeys (DJs) to set the mood of your party and liven up the atmosphere according to the genre of music you prefer.

For all these options - we will set up the relevant gear and test all the equipment at the venue and an experienced operator will monitor the audio and/or visuals for the entire event(s). Contact us if you would like more information on any of these options.

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