Tarun + Simran


The decor of your festivities will form a backdrop for the photographs, so be sure to select this carefully so that your skin tones and outfits is complemented well by the decor. For brides: Blended and color matched makeup is extremely important for your beautiful face to be photographed perfectly. Makeup cannot be modified in the post-production of cinema and photography! Make sure you have a trial with your make up artist before your big day to see how your makeup looks in natural light, artificial light and in photographs at different angles. Also for brides: If you can help it, avoid an overly heavy dupatta on your wedding day. Many brides we have worked with have suffered through a day of pain that is concentrated on their head with the load of a heavy dupatta. The pain is not worth it! It is preferable for both the wedding parties to hire one team for the coverage of their wedding rather than two different teams from different companies - this may result in lack of coordination between 2 separate teams as well as limitations of space.